European geography

European geography

The counries of Europe are 51 and are divided into areas of the north, south, centre, west and east. This separation of the countries is conducted based on the geographic structure of the continent and the situation of the countries.

Southern Europe

Geographically, Southern Europe would be the south half of the landmass of Europe. The Alps mountains are a physical barrier between Italy and the rest of Europe.Countries geographically considered part of Southern Europe include:Southwestern, southcentral, southeastern:

Southwestern Europe
  •  Andorra
  •  France (only southern France)
  •  Gibraltar
  •  Monaco
  •  Portugal
  •  Spain
South-Central Europe
  •  Italy (sometimes excluding northern Italy)[2]
  •  San Marino
  •   Vatican City
Southeastern Europe (Balkan peninsula) :
  •  Albania
  •  Bosnia and Herzegovina
  •  Bulgaria
  •  Greece
  •  Kosovo
  •  Macedonia
  •  Montenegro
  •  Romania
  •  Serbia
  •  Turkey (only East Thrace)
Island countries
  •  Cyprus
  •  Malta

Central Europe

Central Europe lies between Eastern Europe and Western Europe. The states of Central europe include:

  •  Austria
  •  Czech Republic
  •  Germany
  •  Hungary
  •  Liechtenstein
  •  Poland
  •  Slovakia
  •   Switzerland

Alternatively Croatia and Slovenia belong to Southeastern Europe!

Northern Europe

Northern Europe is the northern part or region of Europe. Although no definitive borders or definition exists for the term, geographically, Northern Europe may be considered to consist approximately of all of Europe above the 52nd parallel north; which includes (from west to east) most or all of:

  •  Iceland
  • the Republic of Ireland
  • the Isle of Man
  • the United Kingdom
  • the Faroe Islands
  • the Netherlands
  • Northern Germany
  • Denmark
  • Norway
  • Sweden
  • Finland
  • Estonia
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Belarus
  •  Northwest Russia.

Now, let’s check ourselves with the geografical test for European countries and have fun!!!


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